Client Case: Port Perry United Church

Historic Church required new website and move away from Weebly.

Previous Home Page on Weebly (above)

Port Perry United Church is an amalgamation of Prince Albert United Church & Port Perry United Church.  Formed in the 1850’s, each church served the needs of their local constituents but as times changed and congregations became more mobile, consolidation made a lot of sense.

The amalgamation of these two churches took place in July 2023.  To increase engagement for the newly consolidated congregation and to appeal to both new visitors and potentially new clergy, GHV was engaged through the “Contact US!” page.

A picture of the previous site is pictured to the left.


The Problem

In July 2023 Port Perry United Church recognized the need for a new website following the amalgamation of PPUC with the Prince Albert United Church.  With an expanded congregation, the team wanted to make sure their website reflected the new energy and provide an easy way to service the expanded congregation while encouraging local community engagement.

The existing website, built on Weebly, did not have a lot of flexibility and was not user-friendly.  PPUC wanted to have a more robust website with improved features, easy-to-access programs, video streaming and a great look and feel that they could manage themselves.  

The Solution

PPUC contacted Golden Heart Ventures Inc. through the “Contact Us!” page on July 20, 2023.  

After some initial consultation a plan was put in place that helped PPUC to get a website they could be proud of and be involved in it’s development.

Key requirements were developed over the course of numerous meetings:

  1. Conduct a discovery call
  2. GHV provided a number of website examples for PPUC to benchmark as sites they would like to mirror.
  3. Review the existing platform (Weebly), hosting package and content storage
  4. Download all media and text for transfer to new site, as required.
  5. Developed new content and media images (using Canva – yes, we do creative too)
  6. Created shared cloud-enabled folder to enable collaboration between GHV and PPUC
  7. Meet weekly to discuss changes desired by PPUC
  8. Build new WordPress site on localhost (that means on our own computer) with new required features and test
  9. Created new webhosting account and moved all credentials to host
  10. Upload website to new host and close Weebly (PPUC activity), test all features
  11. Install Google Site Kit to track User engagement
  12. Launch new site 
  13. Train Users and provide User Guides to assist website updates

The Result

PPUC’s team is proud of the new website, leveraging the new calendar features, content posts and contact forms to engage their community.  Weekly worship is available through a connection to YouTube’s livestream service and there is an easy way for the public to rent various facilities at the Church.  Finally, the “Ministry Team” has a terrific page that provides access to member profiles.

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