Client Case: Brooklin United Church

Client required website technology update and refresh.

Brroklin United Church (BUC) has served the local community for over 160 years.

BUC has had a rich tradition of serving the community and offering a warm welcome to all. Located in the heart of Brooklin, ON the team at BUC welcomes everyone to their historic Church.  Their website is one important tool for outreach to their congregation and the community as a whole.

The Problem

In the past, websites were built with the prevailing technology of the times, but the options available to customize and leverage new layouts and add-on features were limited if the selected system didn’t keep up.  

This is where Brooklin United Church (BUC) found itself with Joomla.  As a content management system (CMS) Joomla was not user-friendly for the Admin team at BUC and it continued to crash when updates were being attempted.  They knew they needed to update to a more robust system and posted a request for assistance in their weekly news bulletin.

At GHV we reached out to offer a cost-effective solution that lines up with our values – “Serving Socially Responsible Organizations”.  Fortunately we’re old Joomla designers who’ve moved over to WordPress, and so we helped BUC to change their CMS and update their website’s overall layout.

The Solution

Connecting with Golden Heart Ventures in May 2023 a plan was developed to replace the current website with a new CMS and simple layout that would enable Administrators at BUC to manage the website moving forward.

Key requirements were developed over the course of numerous meetings:

  1. Review the existing platform (Joomla), hosting package and content storage
  2. Download all media and text for transfer to new site
  3. Meet weekly to discuss changes desired by BUC
  4. Build new WordPress site on localhost (that means on our own computer) with new required features and test
  5. Upload to same host and replace Joomla site
  6. Launch
  7. Train Users

After a number of collaborative meetings and adjustments the Website was launched on July 19, 2023 on time and on budget.

The best part was the feedback from BUC’s Office Administrator:

Thank you for bringing our website into the 21st century“. 

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