Effective Website Design

We work with small business owners, charities & non-profits to help them improve exposure to their brands while highlighting the positive impact they are having on their communities. Check out our most recent Client’s site here.

Revenue Optimization

Charities, Non-profits and Small Businesses all need to have strong revenue streams to sustain their activities and support their stakeholders. We work with you to develop focused sales and marketing strategies, tailored to increase your fundraising or sales results.

Marketing Campaigns

Strategic Marketing Campaigns create increased and targeted exposure for your seasonal programs, products & services. At GHC we help you to develop clear and compelling campaigns that generate increased traffic from prospective buyers/donors who are prepared to take action.

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At Golden Heart Communications our goal is to work closely with our partners for the long-haul. By leveraging over 25 years of sales, marketing and operational experience we know we can help you to see improved organizational outcomes that will exceedingly pay for themselves.

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